The Jockeying Begins:
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With members of the House and Senate returning to Washington, D.C., later this week to vote on party leadership positions, members on both sides of Capitol Hill are looking for opportunities to move up …

Election Results Impact Transportation on Capitol Hill & in the States
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In addition to changing the balance of power on Capitol Hill and the make-up of key transportation-related committees charged with addressing the Highway Trust Fund crisis …

ARTBA Praises Policy Encouraging Voluntary Agreements for Species Protection
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ARTBA expressed support November 6 for a draft policy released by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) which gives credit to state agencies, private landowners and other parties …

Duke Study Urges Long-Term Federal Infrastructure Investment
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Washington’s fragmented approach to transportation investment has cost the U.S. 900,000 jobs, according to a study by Duke University released October 15 …

Henry Sherlock (1926-2014)
A tribute to the remarkable 37-year tenure of our first Executive Director.
Since its inception, CIRI has navigated through the gamut of economic cycles and political climates, while our member companies have literally transformed Rhode Island’s transportation infrastructure …

2014 RI General Assembly poses multiple challenges.
CIRI Legislative Committee was effective advocate for highway and heavy construction.
On a yearly basis, the 113 legislators in the Rhode Island House and Senate introduce numerous new pieces of proposed legislation. Accordingly, the key benefits we provide to members include …

2014 Henry J. Sherlock Scholarships awarded.
Renamed to honor CIRI's legendary executive director.
Marking the fourth year of its scholarship program, CIRI has awarded $2,500 each to four students to apply to their college studies. The recently-renamed awards are now known as…

Convening to focus on the state of transportation.
2014 Spring Dinner Meeting was opportunity to share perspectives and remembrances.
For CIRI members, the annual Spring Dinner Meeting is a valuable opportunity to discuss the latest industry developments on the local and national levels. This year’s meeting was …

Encouraging students to build a career in construction.
CIRI continues to support RI Construction Career Days.
Across the nation, the average age of a worker in the skilled trades is 48 years old. Many are in the baby-boomer age group that is now reaching retirement …

CIRI is active member of new RI Construction Coalition.
Group dedicated to identifying ways to boost the industry and the RI economy.
In 2013, the construction industry is said to have generated $29 million in personal income tax revenues for the State of Rhode Island. Additionally, $156.6 million in non-income-tax revenues …

CIRI continues co-sponsorship of annual Rhode Island Transportation Forum.
27th annual event will take place at URI on October 31.
The annual Rhode Island Transportation Forum is a valuable opportunity to explore industry trends and innovations. Again in 2014, CIRI will co-sponsor this event with URI .…

Dramatic RI pay-as-you-go boost is key achievement.
Long-term solution created for transportation funding.
For years, RIDOT and RI’s transportation industry leaders have called for a more consistent and predictable financing mechanism for road and bridge improvements in the Ocean State …

House approves Highway Trust Fund patch.
Long-awaited extension keeps fund solvent through May 2015.
On July 15, the Highway and Transportation Funding Act of 2014 (H.R. 5021) was overwhelmingly approved by a vote of 367 to 55 in the U.S. House. If approved by the Senate, the act will …








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